Auctiometrix is a global advisor to government agencies on the design and implementation of high stake (spectrum) auctions and to private-sector companies on the optimal bid strategy. Auctiometrix is adept at producing concise, understandable, yet scientifically sound advice to its clients. By basing its advice on sound academic principals, Auctiometrix is able to provide clients confidence that their actions are in line with the state of the art in academic thinking.

Auctiometrix developed (web-based) auction software that can be customized easily to client’s needs. The software incorporates – next to all standard auction formats – recent auction formats, such as combinatorial clock auctions and simultaneous multi-round ascending auctions with/without a hierarchical package structure. We also provide a (house) matching tool to match buyers and sellers based on their preferences and financial opportunities.

Auctiometrix also designs seat upgrade auctions for airlines, where passengers with an economy class ticket bid against each other for a seat in business or first class. These auctions are a potential revenue gold mine as by this allocation method airlines can not only increase the number of business and first class customers but also the flight occupancy rate.

As Auctiometrix is affiliated with the Erasmus School of Economics, Auctiometrix can make use of its facilities such as an economic laboratory. Students of the Erasmus School of Economics are well trained to participate in our auction (related) experiments.

Almost all our team members do have a PhD degree. Most of them are (assistant) professor in economics, game theory, operations research and/or computer science with ample experience in auction advisory services.