Auctiometrix is a global advisor to government agencies on the design and implementation of high stake (spectrum) auctions and to private-sector companies on the optimal bid strategy. Auctiometrix developed (web-based) auction software that can be customized easily to client’s needs.


Spectrum auctions

Auctiometrix provides auction consultancy services in high stake spectrum auctions for regulators and firms.

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Seat upgrade auctions

Auctiometrix designs seat upgrade auctions for airlines.


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Offshore wind farm auctions

Auctiometrix (together with the Energy Finance Institute) provides bidding advice in offshore wind farm auctions.

House matching

Auctiometrix provides a matching tool to match houses and potential buyers.


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Auction design advice

Given the client’s goals, Auctiometrix develops the optimal auction design.


Bid strategy advice

Given the implemented auction design, Auctiometrix develops the optimal bid strategy for firms.

Software development and system validation

Auctiometrix develops (web-based) auction software for high stake auctions and provides independent verification of third party software.

Big data analysis

Auctiometrix provides all kinds of advice based on big data analysis.
  • The team: A team of world class auction experts and computer scientists at your service
  • Experience: More than a decade of experience in providing auction advisory services
  • Customizable: Our web-based auction software can easily be customized
  • In-house: One point of contact: the whole range of services can be done in-house
  • Laboratory access: Access to a laboratory to do economic experiments
“In the Netherlands, the auction was set up as a combinatorial clock auction, which is a relatively complex structure to master. Being able to test bidding tactic scenarios and rehearse bidding procedures proved very valuable to us. The web-based software accurately simulated the interface used during the auction and additional features such as the single user feature were straightforward in their use.”
Robin Kroes, VP Strategy and Corporate Development UPC