1501, 2018

Current literature underestimates the potential impact of feed-in tariffs in the development of solar photovoltaics

January 15, 2018|

The paper “On the effectiveness of feed-in tariffs in the development of solar photovoltaics” by Elbert Dijkgraaf, Tom van Dorp, and Emiel Maasland has been published in the latest issue of The Energy Journal. In line with the results found in the existing literature, the authors find a positive effect of the presence of a FIT on the development of a country's added yearly capacity of PV per capita. However, this study shows that the literature underestimates the potential impact of FITs, as the effect of a well-designed FIT is much larger than the average effect of the currently applied

1110, 2016

Review of the Canadian 700 MHz and 2500 MHz Spectrum Auctions

October 11, 2016|

Auctiometrix has been awarded a contract by Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada to review the Canadian 700 MHz and 2500 MHz auctions. Auctiometrix is required to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the preparations (i.e., info sessions, mock auctions, etc.), design, procedures and operations of the auction processes. For each spectrum auction, the review should evaluate whether the auction was efficient and effective and provide specific recommendations for ISED’s policies, processes, and operations for future spectrum auctions, including both good practices that should be continued, and practices that could be improved. More information on this assignment can be found

3105, 2016

US Incentive Auction has started today

May 31, 2016|

Today FCC’s 600 MHz Incentive Auction (Auction 1000) has started. The Incentive Auction includes a reverse auction (Auction 1001)  in which broadcasters will offer to voluntarily relinquish some or all of their spectrum usage rights, and a forward auction (Auction 1002) of new, flexible-use licenses suitable for providing mobile broadband services. Auctiometrix is advising one of the bidders in this auction.

1905, 2016

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs will auction DAB+ frequencies for commercial radio via a simultaneous multiple-round auction

May 19, 2016|

As of August 31, 2017 the licenses for analogue (FM) and digital (DAB+) commercial radio will expire. DG Telecom Market of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs intends in 2017 to extend the current FM/DAB+ licenses (9 national and 38 regional) by five years and to auction the new DAB+ frequencies in Band III. Auctiometrix has written an advice on how to allocate the various licenses. Based on this advice, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs decided to allocate the new spectrum in Band III via a simultaneous multiple-round auction. For the research results of Auctiometrix click here and here for the

1601, 2015

Dutch Radiocommunications Agency commissioned Auctiometrix to verify third party CCA software

January 16, 2015|

The Dutch Radiocommunications Agency has appointed Auctiometrix to provide an independent verification of third party CCA (combinatorial clock auction) software that will be used to auction so-called VOA-spectrum in the Netherlands The assignment involves checking whether the auction software faithfully implements the VOA auction rules including the WDP algorithm.

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