Auctiometrix provides auction design advice for government agencies, in particular with respect to spectrum allocations. Given the objectives of the allocation process (following from government documents), we advise on the packaging of the items and the auction format, including auction design details (such as the amount of transparency in the auction, reserve prices, activity rule, etc.). The advice is based on auction theoretic arguments that follow from the academic literature, auction simulations and/or laboratory tests. Laboratory tests are run in the economic laboratory of the Erasmus School of Economics. Where required, we offer complete service support for all stages of the auction process, including:

  • Conducting industry analyses
  • Assessing market opportunities and demand for the use of the items for sale
  • Delivering input for government consultations and industry briefings
  • Developing/customizing (web-based) auction software
  • Running experimental laboratory tests
  • Drafting auction documentation, including detailed auction rules
  • Providing tutorials explaining the auction rules to the bidders

  • Providing manuals for auctioneer and bidders

  • Conducting mock auctions

  • Implementing the auction

  • Providing (on-site) support during the auction

  • Preparing an evaluation report